Monday, December 8, 2014

Absorbing the Cracklings of My Craft.

This is the last painting for this semesters studio class.  I enjoy reflecting on true learning that happens when you have proper mentors at your side. 

20x20" oil on canvas. 

Charcoal Sketch.

Compositional sketch prep, 14.75x27" charcoal on paper. Feel good to have my hands covered in charcoal again, it's been a while.  And sometimes after trying to push progression with one medium it's nice to step back and switch it up when needed. 

Egg Continuation.

12x16" oil on panel, Alla Prima. The search for what is real is a delicate one, especially when it is at  times overwhelmed by that which is fake.

Eggs Beginning.

Stumbled upon an old preserved eggshell in the prop closet one night and fell in love with the shape and light that is found in a broken eggshell.  Something about the delicate nature of the object and yet  how long has it been floating around in different parts of the school studio, for me to find it in this beautiful condition. 

Both are 6x6" oil on panel, Alla Prima. 

In the Cards.

9.5x9.5" Oil on panel Alla Prima study.  This was a really enjoyable painting to make from start to finish. I am definitely going to do a series of these very soon, possibly a run of 52?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Skull Studies.

All 6x6" oil on panel. Direct observational all prima studies. Very enjoyable and also frustrating moments in the studio with these, that's how I usually feel progress.